Types of Roll Up Doors

Roll up garage doors are very commonly used in commercial spaces. These doors occupy very little space in comparison to other types of garage doors and so, people prefer to use them in their offices or shops. These doors are available in two types, firstly, panel roll up garage doors and secondly, rolling steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood garage doors. But, selecting an appropriate roll up garage door should be based on two factors. Firstly, the climatic conditions that the door will be exposed to and secondly, the amount of safety that the door will offer.

Roll up doors made up of different material

The most commonly used roll up doors are made up of fiberglass and wood. Wood roll up garage doors usually add an aesthetic appeal to the garage, so they are used in many commercial spaces. However, if exposed to extreme climatic conditions, these garage doors experience a lot of wear and need to be painted. Fiberglass on the other hand adds an attractive appeal to the garage as well and is less prone to external wear and tear. Additionally, fiberglass is extremely strong and scratch-resistant as well. So, many commercial spaces use fiberglass roll up garage doors.

While wood and fiberglass roll up doors are used in most commercial spaces, steel and aluminum ones are used by a selective audience. This is because steel and aluminum roll up doors are not as strong as steel doors.

Some other options for roll up doors

Panel roll up doors are usually made up of four or five horizontal panels. These panels are attached to each other, and so when you open a panel roll up door, it rolls up on the garage ceiling. Many office spaces don’t have enough space to accommodate a panel roll up door, so it’s not frequently used in commercial spaces.




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