How Garage Doors Work

A garage is a very essential part of any household. Every individual needs a garage to park his or vehicle or use it for excess storage. A garage door determines the ease with which you can use the garage everyday. So, it’s important that before you get a garage built, you understand the importance of a garage door.

 The types of garage doors

In most households or commercial spaces, a garage door is based on a counterbalance system. In simple words, in a counterbalance system the weight of the door is put offset by using some external force. The extension spring system and torsion spring system are the most commonly used counterbalance systems in garage doors.

In the extension spring system, extension springs are attached to cables which are connected to the lowermost corner of the garage door. So, when you open the garage door, that uses an extension spring system, the energy in the springs lifts the door. While closing the door, the springs stretch to accommodate for the weight of the garage door. These types of doors are easy to use, but over a period of time, the springs attached to these doors lose their energy and need to be replaced.

In the Torsion spring system, the spring is affixed horizontally above the garage door. So, when you close the door or pull the door down, the cables that are attached to it, make the spring wind up. As a result, the springs transfer energy to the garage door. On the other hand, when you open the garage door using this system, the opposite reaction takes place, that is, the spring unwinds. Even in this system, over a period of time, the spring loses its elasticity and becomes weak. So both these garage door systems need to be replaced after a period of time. Most people prefer the torsion system over the extension spring system.





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