Maintaining You Garage Door Rollers

A garage may look like a simple storage space in your home, but you need to look into a lot of minute details such as garage door openers, springs, and door rollers when you decide to have one. Garage door rollers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, to find a perfect fit for your garage door, you need to look at two major characteristics of garage door rollers – the dimensions of the roller and the material that it is made up of.

The standard dimensions of a garage door roller

Before purchasing a garage door roller, you need to know the weight of your garage door, as the dimensions of the roller need to complement the weight of the door. Most companies design rollers with standard diameter sizes. In most cases garage door rollers diameters are between 1 and 3 inch. The stem size of the roller can be manually measured using a scale. In most cases, even though the measurements state, 1, 2 or 3 inch, the actual figures will be approximately close to those figures. In addition, the standard measurement for the shaft of the door roller is 7/16”.

The impact of materials used in garage door rollers

The material used to make the garage door opener is also an important factor to determine the ideal type for your garage door. The material used in the roller can be based on 2 things, namely, the stem and the roller itself. The material used to make the roller determines a lot of factors such as, what weight can a roller carry, how long will the roller last, will the roller be affected by climatic changes or not, and will the roller cause noise issues while opening or closing the garage door. So before buying a roller, specify your requirements to the company so that they can give you a roller that meets all your needs.









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