Garage Door Openers and Blackouts

Power outages are common when electrical storms move through airwaves. Your neighborhood may have a blackout owing to unforeseen reasons, and this will be a problem for your electronic garage door opener. You may have entered your garage and fastened your seatbelt, ready to head out. Just then an overloaded power circuit cuts the electrical supply or lightning strikes, leaving you stranded in your garage. It important to remain calm as this is an issue that can be easily fixed.

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Manufacturers of garage door openers have considered the possibilities of blackouts when making them. Every garage that works with electric openers has manual release cables as well. These cables are often attached to your ceiling. All you have to do us reach for the handle and use a sharp and quick motion to pull it. Manual release will be activated immediately and the door can be opened using your strength. But what if you’re locked outside the garage?

When getting your garage doors installed, you would have already purchased an emergency release kit along with your door opener. The device is usually installed on the door of the garage. This kit uses a mechanism to lock and unlock the door from outside the garage, and is connected to the cables that form part of your garage door opener. A key will be required to open the lockbox in the case of a blackout. Once the box is opened, the cable attached to it will have to be pulled sharply. The trolley mechanism will be released, allowing you to open the garage door with manual force.

There is no need to worry about blackouts or power outages. Just educate yourself on the positioning of release cables and have the emergency release kit installed so that you’re not locked in or out of your garage.


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